The Rot

I've deleted my Disqus account again. The comment threads on Instapundit have become a monoculture of "It doesn't matter how incompetent the Democrats are at everything else; they're perfect at stealing elections so they're going to keep winning everything forever."

The entire world knows they cheated, but somehow we're all powerless to do anything about it? In a country where The People are sovereign we need officialdom -- corrupt and incompetent as we know it to be -- to punish election fraud?

I said that if comment threads advise conservatives to give up on voting, I would give up on comment threads.

It took a while, but enough is enough.

The Music Might Change

So I went looking for a cloud storage option that could one day be fully privatized by being housed on a personal server at home, and NextCloud sounded good. So I found a hosted NextCloud account for trying-out purposes and it came with... extras.

Unlike my host, which doesn’t support PHP and therefore limits my blogging options to plain HTML using a text editor, this host offers everything from Wordpress to... well, this. If you remember the days of early early Movable Type blogs (even I had one, briefly) before SQL became a part of the process, that’s essentially how this works. Given my output in recent years it shouldn’t be challenged much.

Assuming, of course, that I actually use it.

Even if I do, don’t expect me to open comments.

Update: Well okay, worst-case scenario is I revert to the old blog.