Ride 'Em, Cousin!

I've never met PRCA bareback bronc rider Lane McGehee from south Texas, but with that last name he's got to be a cousin of mine some way -- probably somewhere between sixth and ninth cousin at least once removed. I've seen him compete a few times this rodeo season, including at Cheyenne Frontier Days last July, but I'd been aware of him for some years, since seeing him win a high-school or college-level rodeo in Texas on RFD-TV before the Cowboy Channel debuted.

I was rooting for him to make it to the National Finals Rodeo this year, but only the top 15 competitors in each event get into that, and... he isn't in the top 15. There's always next year.

If it weren't for Lane I wouldn't really pay attention to the bareback bronc event (I've been more of a bull-rider fan); the only other bareback rider I can think of off the top of my head is Chris Ledoux. Guess that'll have to change. I do know there are some legendary riders that have been winning gold buckles in all those rodeos; I just can't think of their names right now.

Author: McGehee

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