Due to certain idiotic policies that kick in when someone dies, I'm unable to pay off certain debts the easy way -- online -- and so I have to write paper checks and send them via the U.S. Snail.

This requires the purchasing of postage stamps, which requires entering the lobby of a post office. Which I did today.

And was confronted with a sign on the door that said face coverings were required to enter the building.

There was one other person there and I couldn't tell whether he was masked or not, and he didn't say anything to me when I walked in bare-faced.

Still, if a future post-office visit takes place not on a Saturday, I've decided I need to be prepared. The navy blue version displays by default at that link, but I ordered the red one. Because MAGA.

By the way, did you know that it costs financial institutions more money to cash paper checks than to process online payments? And did you know that when you borrow based on a 48-month interest-free deal, 48 times the minimum payment actually works out to equal the full amount you borrowed?

This means that the financial institution to which I mailed a check today is going to lose more processing this payment than I spent on gas or a stamp.

The mask will probably put me over the finish line first though. I don't care.

Author: McGehee

I used to get Instalanches.

Not here, though.