Please, Mr. Postman

Some time in the last couple of weeks, my mailbox was damaged to the point that the letter carrier can no longer open the door to deposit mail.

According to FedEx, its replacement arrives today, so I've just been out there trying to remove the damaged box from the post and make room for the new one. And after a good half-hour of working at it, I've extracted precisely one screw of the four.

These things are as long as rebar, seems like, and after being out there for just a few years they are resisting what leverage I can exert with a standard screwdriver. When I return to the job I'll take a pair of Vise-Grips, but the heads of the screws are inside the box, limiting the amount of turn I can get before needing to reset the blade.

I wish I lived closer to a post office; I could just rent a box there and be done with this carp.

Tell me again why a government corporation is needed to deliver advertising circulars I never look at?

Author: McGehee

I used to get Instalanches.

Not here, though.