Rescue Me

Years ago, I posted a series of examples of what I deemed to be wise cowboy sayings. Yesterday I tried to find them on my computer and in my cloud storage, and came up empty. Fortunately, some still resided in the old gray matter.

Having rescued them from that horrible fate, I re-post them here:

  • Work ain't gonna do itself.

  • It takes a lot of hands to make a roundup.

  • Never mess with another man's gal, gun, or hoss.

  • Wipin' off your hat's sweatband is a good excuse to just stop and take in the scenery for a spell.

  • When somethin' goes wrong, just set back and have yourself a good, relaxing cuss. Then fix it.

  • Be nice to the young'uns. You was one yourself, once.

  • "Ridin' fence" don't mean sittin' on it.

  • Beans is good eatin' on the trail, but not in the bunkhouse.

Author: McGehee

I used to get Instalanches.

Not here, though.